Our next event starts Tomorrow Feb 27- March 1st. Please come out and see what great creations the artistians have created for this terrible illness Order from your home. All on line

Our next event is for Menieres awareness.

We have had our summer vacation and we are pleased to announce that  our next event takes place on September 9th – 10th on our facebook page,

This month proceeds from sales will go towards Meniere’s awareness charities.

Meniere’s disease (Ménière’s disease) is a condition with vertigo, tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, noises in the ears) and progressive deafness. Meniere’s disease is caused by a dysfunction of the endolymphatic sac (semi-circular canals) in the inner ear – also known as the labyrinth. The labyrinth is a system of small fluid-filled channels that send… signals of sound and balance to the brain. It is an unpredictable disease that requires various types of treatment.

  It is estimated at approximately 1 in every 1,000 people suffers from Meniere’s disease. The disease can develop at any age, but more commonly does so when the patient is aged between 40 and 60.

Please pop by and support us and above all help us spread the word that There is always Hope 🙂

Brain Injury Event 28th – 29th June

Just to let you all know our next event will be in aid of Brain Injury and will take place over on our facebook page 28th – 29th June. Please pop over and have a look and share with your friends and family.

Brain injury occurs suddenly, without warning. In an instant life is changed, forever. Everyday we participate in activities that produce endless risks for sustaining a brain injury; events include a car accident while driving to the grocery store, a fall from a bike, or a blow to the head.

Brain injury has become a significant medical and social concern within the last 30 years. With advances in medical technology, many people who would have died are now surviving severe brain injuries. At times the cost is astronomical: financially, socially and emotionally.

Please help us to spread the message that there is always HOPE…